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this in the "washington post." when you take a cold hard look at the amount of resources you can raise through the top 2% of americans you will finds yourself disapointed relative to the magnitude of the revenue increases that we need. >> reporter: that means you can't just limit deductions to the rich. that won't bring enough money. what you have to do is raise the tax rates on the rich. secretary geithner who didn't pay his taxes when he was confirmed as treasury secretary, he's saying you have got to raise tax rates on the rich. he's upon board with the president to raise tax rates on the rich. if you did that you only bring in $87 billion a week. that's 10 weeks' worth of interest. that's his side of dealing with the deficit. it's not going to work. the debt keeps on going up and if it keeps on going up like this we'll be downgrade, bill. bill: the money you raise would not cover even the last 70 days, what you just explained. stuart varney with us this morning. martha: president obama will face report,for his first news conference since his reelection. it starts at 1:30 eastern i am. we understand
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. they will sit down in about 20 minutes from now. kelly wright is live in washington there. kelly, you're covering this morning. what is the expectation from this meeting on the hill? >> reporter: the expectations bill, they will get down to the bottom of this. at least that's what they will try to do. that is the most fundamental thing to these republican senators. they want to find out exactly what susan rice knew, before, during and after that attack. she has emerged, by the way as a frontrunner and possibly being nominated for secretary of state. if so, she will have to face these critics anyway in a confirmation hearing. their support will be vital. with this meeting she can face them and explain why she described the attack at the u.s. consulate in benghazi this way. let's give you a recall. >> what happened initially it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo. as a consequence of the video. >> reporter: and she never described it as a terror attack back then and that has outrained key republicans who find her comments very troubling. >> i don't think this
the national debt, reducing washington spending and preventing a tax hike on every american taxpayer. so, bill, the two sides are talking to each other but it does sound like we are a little ways away from them coming up with anything they would send to the president's desk to sign. bill: a big lunch at the white house too. we'll talk about that in a moment. martha. martha: as these negotiations sort of hammer away in washington, 173 companies have now announced that they plan to payout their special dividends early to shareholders. that includes names like disney and walmart, costco, las vegas sands as well is in that group and it will happen interestingly before the new year when the massive new tax hikes could kick in. stewart varney thinks this is really of note this morning. the host of varne varney & company. >> i'm going to call it a tax revolt. companies are saying, look we are not going to give extra money to the treasury this year. we'll help out our shareholders this year. we'll pay them a lot more money in dividends this calendar year so they can beat the expected tax increase that
,000 mark. a ugly day yesterday. washington failing to deal with the monster tax hike issue coming down the pipeline. mapped door budget cuts kick in in 54 days. house speaker john boehner says it is time for the president to lead. here he is is talking about that. >> mr. president, this is your moment. we're ready to be lead, not as democrats or republicans but americans. we want you to lead, not as a liberal or conservative but as president of the united states of america. we want you to succeed. bill: stuart varney, anchor of "varney & company", fox business network. the issues on the table are the same issues as monday. we want you to succeed by the way. what did you hear or what are you hearing based on the statements out of the washington now? >> three statements to listen to very carefully. speaker boehner, senate majority leader harry reid, and the big union boss, richard trumka. if you add them all together, tell you exactly what they said in a moment, add them all together the outlines of a deal would look like this. this is on the fiscal cliff. the outlines would possibly loo
with our folks in washington. we'll bring you more updates on that. martha: it is hard to believe it has been a month since superstorm sandy hit the east coast but one of the haddest hit areas was our beloved jersey shore. point pleasant beach you're looking at there the devastation was shocking in that area. our rick leventhal roid out the storm there. he joins us from point pleasant beach to see how the recovery is going. does it look like there is action four weeks later, rick? >> reporter: it is remarkable how much work that is left to be done here. the township has heavy equipment here picking up piles of debris from a oceanfront home that is boarded up. the whole front porch was ripped off by the storm surge. the dunes were washed away. the town rebuilt them sort of. they piled up some sand. there is still a lot of work to be done the dunes. we'll show you how much sand and debris is left on the sides of the road and sidewalk. piles of concrete. down the street, this is washington avenue, this was underwater. many homes have piles of debris in front of them as we've been seeing up
an extra $2,000 to washington, d.c. in taxes. martha: concerns over america's fiscal cliff have sent the markets lower in premarket trading. there is a look at where the dow is poised to open this morning. with the dow, the s & p and the nasdaq all trading lower. speaking of that, a new round of violent protests break out in egypt as police fired teargas into the crowds. here are some of those scenes. >> unbelievable. more than 100,000 people flooded into downtown cairo. this time they are protesting the current president martha maccallum and his power grab. they are disillusioned with what he has brought to their country. then you have this happening. police firing teargas. gypt's highest courts refusing to work in protest of morsi's actions. steve harrigan is streaming live from cairo. the protests looked like the unrest we saw in that same square back in 2009 and the arab spring and the overthrow of mubarak. how dangerous is it? is it more dangerous now? >> this certainly allows similarities between what we saw last night and those demonstrations that overthrew mubarak. hundreds o
practice in our commitment to security in the region. martha: peter doocy is live in washington. if this happens as we are now learning over a week ago, why didn't when find out about it before the election? >> reporter: the pentagon says they kept the lid on details of this incident until yesterday because the drone mission was classified. but a spokesman said it was a routine surveillance mission to monitor maritime shipping and this unmanned, unarmed drone never flew over iranian turf. >> our aircraft was never in iranian air space. it was always flying in international air space. the international recognized territorial limit is 12 nautical miles off the coast and we never entered the 12 nautical mile limit. >> reporter: monday was the first time the iranians have ever taken a shot at the u.s. drone. the pentagon says the iranian jets followed the drone for a while before it was able to make a safe landing at an undisclosed location. though my colleague jennifer griffin are sceptical of the pentagon accounts since the iranian jets fly at 150 miles per hour and the drone flie
charter buses from different parts of the washington, d.c. and suburban areas. they are comprised of a group i would say that is diverse in terms of race, gender and age. there was a bit of speechifying going on. we've seen some interesting plaque cards and signs that say i make 8.30 an hour, and instead of save at wal-mart, it says slave at wal-mart. and now they're beginning their march on the walmart in this complex. i'm going to ask martin to wheel around and show you just how far away walmart is from where the protesters staged their staging area, if you will. um, this was -- we were told it was organized by the united food and commercial workers' union, and a subsidiary group called making change at wal-mart. and then a third group that is said to be independent but which has as of last year was also a subsidiary called our walmart. it's unclear to us how many walmart employees are actually going to walk off the job once this protest gets closer to the actual entrance to the store. the organizer from the united food and commercial workers' union told us he had no idea how ma
is live in washington with the latest for us. who is ambassador rice saying gave her those talking points? >> good morning. she's not saying specifically, but she again defended her initial statements that a youtube video sparked a riot at the benghazi consulate saying the information she relayed was given to her by the intelligence community. former cia director david petraeus told closed intelligence hearings last friday that the intelligence community knew almost immediately that it was a terrorist attack that had little to do with a video even though he told lawmakers on september 14th that a video had sparked the attack. >> when discussing the attacks against our facilities in benghazi, i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary and that our investigations would give us the definitive answers. >> reporter: senator john mccain and others would like for james clapper to return to capitol hill to explain why he told them that he did not know who changed the intelligence talking points. s
on it. martha: and gridlock in washington. stuart varney just told us the white house's plan could send us into another recession. we'll talk to a democrat and ask why they think their plan to raise taxes will actually help the economy. melissa: the only reason democrats are insisting on raising rates because raising rates on the so-called rich is the holy grail of liberalism. the holy grail of liberalism. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. see what's new from campbell's. try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. martha: more than a decade after the concord crash that killed 113 people, a
to cut. martha: they have a lot of work to do. thank you very much. mike emanuel in washington. bill: fox news alert just in time for thanksgiving the big holiday season that follows, the day after and a large potential strike looming at the largest retailer in america on one of the biggest days of the year. walmart is now fighting back against that possibility. thousands of workers threatening to walk off the job over what they say is low pay and poor health benefits. >> pay is an issue for some of us, a lot of us tired of living in poverty. a lot of us on food stamps. >> i don't know if i should go with my morals or just go with my need to have an income at the moment. bill: what is this all about? cheryl casoni host of cash an fox business channel, what is this about. >> reporter: this is about a union that has been trying to bet in the door at walmart. walmart has been at odds with this union. they are going to the nrb, they reached out to them and they will make a decision on this issue. the could be violating federal labor laws buybacking these protestess that will be happening on b
you back. catherine herridge leading our coverage in washington. martha: meanwhile a ghost writer on paula broadwell's biography is speaking out. he said he was clueless to what was going on. things seem much more clear to him in hindsight. >> what was a question in my mind quite frankly was why general petraeus was granting paula broadwell the kind of access he granted her. i never fully understood it. i always sort of rationalized in my own mind he felt he could control and that because it was so public, that both of them felt there was never any danger of it becoming anything other than, you know, journalist/subject, professional relationship. martha: lobe says he had no idea when the affair began. he says his wife thinks he is the most coolest man in america. catherine herridge was telling us it was somewhat open secret a lot of people apparently were aware of. which raise as big question why it had to become so public at this moment? bill: the last man to head the cia was leon panetta. petraeus took over from him when he took the job as defense secretary. now panetta was aske
to congress just days later. martha: doug luzader joins us live with this report from washington. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good morning, guys. at a very basic level this is the store of an affair between general david petraeus and his biographer paula broad well. it gets complicated. there may be national security implication including into the broad investigation into the consulate in benghazi on september 11th. there is no question she would have had prime access to one. key players. she made a couple of public appearances to talk about that. that was at the university of denver, her alma mater last month where she spoke about the benghazi attack. this was came as ci a-team were asking for help but were denied. here is what she said. >> i don't know if a lot of you heard this but the cia annex had taken a couple of libyan militia members prisoner and they think the attack on the consulate was an effort to get the prisoners back. that is still being vetted. >> reporter: that would seemingly contradict what we heard over and over again initially midaway, that the at lack in libya was r
of washington to ride shotgun here. good morning to you, steve. want to take you back to your home state of wisconsin. later today governor romney makes his closing argument. going to milwaukee county, southwestern part of the state. this is an area where paul ryan knows we develop. he is from janesville nearby. 10 lech coral votes in play in wisconsin can republicans take the state as they argue? >> i think it is absolutely in play. look at recent history in wisconsin, go back two now, where a few thousand votes separated george w. bush and 2004 where john kerry and george w. bush were very close. and then you look at some of the built-in advantages republicans have in the state today, whether paul ryan being on the ticket. whether scott walker having won his recall election on june 5th and expanded his margin from 2010. reince priebus being chairman of the republican national committee. republicans are pretty fired up in wisconsin these days. bill: you mentioned 2004, here are the results, 50-49 kerry over bush. it was less than that. it was .35% of the total vote in the state. >> righ
specifics. bob cusack is managing editor of the hill he joins us live from washington. bob, good to see you. one study found that roughly 80% of low-income americans who will become eligible have no idea what is going on. could that jeopardize a system that is dependent upon many people being involved in. >> yeah, no it's very important. the administration has a huge task they've got to implement the law overt next year and if you if lower enrollment experts say that will lead to overall higher premiums. you want to get as many people as you can into these health exchanges otherwise hospitals say they will be stuck with the bill and that is going to lead to higher premiums. an enormous task of the obama administration. they have to issue these new rules. they postponed them until after the election, now they are starting to role them out. they have to educate the public, it will be very difficult to do. and politically dies see, you have a lot of governors who don't want to guy anywhere near this healthcare law. gregg: speaking of the republican governor they say look we are not going to se
of the george washington bridge this morning. incoming bridge, tunnels, cars are lined up for miles. there are restrictions. you have to have three people in order to get into some ways into the city. everybody worried about running out of gas. how much gas have you left in your car right now. the few gas stations that have gas have lines that are hours long, even middle of the night. bill: they certainly do. in hoboken new jersey, now this is a town where thousands of people are still trapped. a quarter of the town flooded with several feet of water. the national guard is there rescuing folks with no power, water or heat. hoboken is a city of 50,000. it is right across the hudson river just west of new york city. one of the most densely populated towns in the country. sandy's massive tidal surge flooding that town and trapping folks again with no way out. molly line made her way in. how are things there this morning? molly, hello. >> reporter: bill, like you said there is an incredible amount of devastation here in hoboken. a community that has been put under a tremendous amount of
and peter barnes has been looking into all this from the fox business network in washington. he joins us. what does this report say about jon corzine's management of the firm? >> reporter: well, martha, this is a culmination of a year-long investigation into the collapse of mf global because of risky bets that jon corzine made on european debt. $1.6 billion in customer funds went missing. and the report blasts corzine for his management of the company, saying, quote, during his 19-month tenure as chairman and ceo of mf global jon corzine made several fateful decisions. the cumulative effects of which, caused mf global's bankruptcy and jeopardized customer funds. soon after joining mf global jon corzine decided to turn the company it into a full service investment bank. this chart ad radical new course for the financially troubled company. regulators are investigating, continuing their investigations into the firm's collapse and looking at possible violations of the law. there is a report also blasts regulators for not coordinating and communicating enough before the bankruptcy to try to
of potential deal. "washington post" says that they're going to do that by protesting outside republican lawmakers offices and calling their constituents. martha? martha: that is going to be very interesting. so the big question is whether or not republicans will agree to any higher taxes. john boehner has said basically that he has dug in on that. he wants tax reform, not higher taxes. >> reporter: and the president is expected to come to the table today and say over the next decade he wants to raise $1.6 trillion through higher taxes. but the republicans including the speaker have so far been very firm in saying they would rather raise new revenue closing loopholes and eliminating deductions. >> we talked about this now for over a year. you could, there is all kinds of information and data out there but, getting into the specifics of that at this point would not be conducive to trying to come to an agreement with the white house. >> reporter: and, martha, the vice president is just pulling up to the white house. you can hear the motorcade in the background. so this meeting is about to
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)